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Divilly’s work very closely with all our suppliers and customers, ensuring we provide products that meet & exceed customer expectations. Through Sustainable production we strive to develop new products which will ultimately lead to new customers and new markets.

At Divillys we believe in employee satisfaction, we know a happy workforce is a productive workforce. Origin green and sustainable practices can lead the way to product development and new technologies like solar power, heat exchangers, recycling etc. all of which will sustain employment into the future and provide staff with new insights and values.


1. To source raw materials from suppliers that have recognised Food Safety/Quality and Sustainability programs in place.

As certified members of Bord Bia and BRC Divilly’s only trade with suppliers that meet the stringent requirements of these standards.
We aim to further strengthen our supply chain by –

Containing to source 100% of our raw materials from suppliers that have one of the following Food Safety/Quality programs in place:

  • Bord Bia MPQAS
  • BRC
  • GFSI
  • Effective Traceability system verified by a supplier Questionnaire or site audit

 Divilly’s aim is to source 80% of our raw materials by the end of December 2022 from suppliers that have sustainability programs in place

2. To increase the recyclable content and lightweight Packaging

Our aim is to increase the recyclable content of all packaging and reduce its weight – this is an on-going project.

3. To reduce Divilly’s energy consumption by 10%/tonne by the end of December 2022

We aim to reduce our energy consumption by 2% year on year per unit of output (tonnes) and by 10% by the end of December 2022. This will be achieved by:

  • Divilly’s replaced all light fittings to LED units in 2019, we believe this changeover to energy efficient lighting will result in a kilowatt reduction of approximately 79,977 and reduced Carbon emissions of approximately 44 tonnes based on lighting usage in 2017.
  • Maintaining our motion sensor light program throughout the facility which only turns lights on when a room is occupied and automatically turns off the lights when it is unoccupied – the manufacturers claim that an average of 128 hours per year of unnecessary lighting will be avoided or a lighting reduction of 10%/annum.
  • Encouraging staff to turn off equipment when it’s not in use, improving manufacturing techniques for example reducing tumbling times for cured meats.

4. To reduce our waste by 10% by 2022

We aim to reduce overall waste by 10% per tonne of product by 2022.

To reduce our waste, we are examining all waste streams and aim to prevent, reduce, reuse, recycle as far as possible – Divilly’s have zero waste sent to landfill.

4. To focus on the Health & Nutrition of the products we produce or plan to produce such as our “Less is Best” range. We aim to  add a minimum of one new product per annum under the “Less is Best” range or a similar product range

Divilly’s launched it’s – “Less is Best” product range in 2015, the range has a lower salt content, no added water and no MSG. The range includes:

  • Less is Best Sliced Crumbed/Smoked Cooked Ham
  • Less is Best Sliced Turkey